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The Town
Despite its youth, compared to most other European and Russian cities, St. Petersburg has become one of the most exciting and exquisite places on earth. It combines what we call the " Russian soul" with a splendid artistic background. When designing and building St. Petersburg, two centuries of Czars spared no expense. The great variety of imperial palaces, churches and museums of St. Petersburg showcase the greatest achievements of the world architecture in the XIV-XVIII centuries. Architecture is only one of the many highlights of this city. Priceless collections and interiors adorn numerous imperial residences and museums, and convey an atmosphere of "The golden age of nobility". The various names given to the city prove its opulence and beauty: "Venice of the North", "Northern Palmyra", "Russian's Crown Jewel" and "The window on the West".

It's simply impossible to describe St. Petersburg in one word.We strongly recommend viewing the opening of St. Petersburg's bridges at nighttime. Huge and extremely heavy bridge constructions are lifted every night with ease. It's truly a sight to behold. Also, the river and canal tour is a "must see.". The embankments constructed from granite provide an unforgettable backdrop to the classical and baroque buildings lining St. Petersburg's elegant canals.One must also mention St. Petersburg's guides.

Their English is excellent and they are very knowledgeable about this historic city. St. Petersburg hosts a variety of theater and music programs which can satisfy every taste and mood. Peter the Great invited the first theater companies in 1710. Since then, St. Petersburg has become the ballet capital of the world, offering classical and modern performances at comparatively low rates. Peter The Great turned St. Petersburg into one of the main European centers of art, education and religion. You will not only see extraordinary orthodox cathedrals and churches, but many mosques, synagogues, Catholic and Lutheran cathedrals as well.
Due to this fact St. Petersburg dwellers are very hospitable and polite, for the most part, very tolerant of all religions and creeds.Outside of St. Petersburg you will find the imperial summer residences and gardens, in which Russian birch trees and pine forests flourish.
Russians call these palaces the "Pearl Necklace". Baroque and classical palaces, medieval castles and Chinese pavilions, French or English gardens are all located a few kilometers outside of the city.
At the end of your tour day, there is so much to do in St. Petersburg that you may have a hard time choosing. You can start the evening in a small but enchanting restaurant with delicious Russian cuisine.. Look at our recommendations. Please do not forget to try local beer. St. Petersburg is the undisputed beer capital of Russia and is host to five different breweries which hold a 50 % stake in the whole Russian market. After dinner, why don't you try a night club? We have every kind imaginable. st buy accommodations, close to downtown, which guarantees great savings compared to hotel accommodation.In case you can't find the right solution for you in this special offers section, please contact us in order to send via mail more interesting flats.

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