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Dear guests!
Welcome to Moscow, the capital of Russia.Red square, the ruby star on the tip of the Kremlin, the great Kremlin wall and tombs of Bolshevik leaders…You've seen these sights so many times before on your television screens, but you have never been here. We will be very happy to lead you through the heart of Russia. We call the main Moscow square "Red" not for its connotation with Communism, but because in ancient Old Russian, the word "red" meant "beautiful". Moscow's history is full of triumph and tragedy. Each period is reflected in the city's life and architecture.But don't take our word for it. Book a tour and see for yourself.

The Golden Ring.The name says it all. Take leave of Moscow and immediately find yourself in a circle of medieval Russian towns. The Golden Ring is an open-air museum contained within the vast territory to the northeast of Moscow. Each individual city within the Ring boasts its own contribution to Russian history and culture. Neither St. Petersburg nor Moscow can give you an idea of the old Russian way of life in the 12th - 17th centuries. With its ancient churches and fortresses, the Golden Ring is truly a sight to see.

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